*Pumps with all speeds 

*Solar panel inspection & repair 

*UV installations 

*Automated controllers 

*Pool Leaks 

*Plumbing & Electrical 

*Swimming pool equipment panels 

*Chemical balance and service. Test water for Chlorine, Alkalinity and Ph Levels

*Record and monitor calcium, total hardness, salt levels, and conditioner 

*Algae prevention

*Clean dissolved materials and phosphates 

*Add all needed chemicals

*Acid washes 

*Power washes (Green Pool Cleanups)

Repairs & Installation 

*Empty pool sweeper bag

*Empty and clean skimmers

*Service skim top of pool and bottom 

*Brush pool walls, steps and floor 

*Empty pump basket 

*Check timers and valves settings

*Backwash pool filter 

*Adjust pool cleaner inspect all pool equipment 

Chemical Service 

Swimming Pool & Spa Service 

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